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St. Amant High FFA

12035 Hwy 431, St. Amant, LA 70774

St. Amant FFA

Agricultural Education

2023 Farmer's Market: March 26

Plant Sale: March 26-April 5

At 12035 Hwy 431, St. Amant High Ag Department Greenhouse

(Accessible from Hwy 431 in new shell lot, follow signs to a parking spot)

Fruit Tree Orders

No orders taken after 

Feb 24th

*No payment taken until the tree is picked up.

Pick up of Trees - 

To order: PRE-Order Trees

Plant Sale: Varieties

Hanging Baskets


Lavender -inters phenomenal




Parsley- Darki

Oregano- Italian

Chives- Onion

Thyme- Faustino (French)

Thyme- Golden lemon variegated


Tomato- Heirloom rainbow blend 

Tomato- sugar rush

Tomato- supersonic

Tomato-Better Boy

Tomato-Big Beef

Eggplant- Fairy tale


pepper- Jalapeno La bomba II

Pepper- NewAce Hybrid

Strawberry Fragoo deep Rose

Cucumber- Straight 8

Cucumber- Piclcliny

Cucumber-Muncher Burples

Squash -Yellow Straight neck

Squash- Yellow Crookneck 





Watermelon- Jubliee

Watermelon-Sugar Baby



Pentas- Graffiti 2020 Mix

Zinnia Elegans- Magellan Mix

Marigold- fren safari yellow

Marigold- afri discovery yellow

Tornenia moon yellow

Bacopa Scopa Gulliver Pink heart

Bidens golden empire

Calibrachoa Candy shop bag of trix

Dahlia starsister yellow strip

Fuchsia annabell

fuchsia dollar princess

Gerbera Patio Capital reef 

N.G impatines H fuchsia craem 

 Nemsia Nesia sunshine

Petunia-Mini Littletunia Buttercream

Petunia-mini Littletunia violet 

Petunia-vegetat cosmic Purple

Petunia-vegetat Fisky Purple

Petunia-vegetat Moonstruck 

Petunia-vegetat rose gold 

Petunia-vegetat rspbry Lemnade

Torenia Moon yellow

Ajuge  Blueberry Muffin

Sedum upright Birthday Party

Kalanchoe marmorata

Portulace succu Molokiniensis

Sedum creeping Tricolor

sempervivum Sunset

Pentas Graffi 2020 True Pinlk

Prtunia Premium Easy wave Coral Reef

Prtunia Premium Easy wave Mix Grt lakes 

Prtunia Premium Easy wave plum Vein

Prtunia Premium easy wave rosy Dawn

Portulaca Happy hour Mix

Stock hot cakes mix 

Begonia- tuber AmerHyb Picotee LacePnk

Coleus Premium Chocolate Coved cherry  

Coleus Premium Kong Rose 

Helianthus Suntastic 

Colosia Fashion Look mix

Diathus inters Jolt Purple 

Petunia Premium Easy wave mix Formula

Perunia Premium shock wave deep Purple

Carnation Grendin mix

Hibiscus Luna Mix

Calibrachoa Bombastic Yellow 

Calibrachoa Cali basket strawberry wine

Calibrachoa Calitastic fancy f uchsia

Rose Sunrosa Fragrant Pink

Vinca Cora XDR mix 

Vinca Cors Casacade Mix

Cymbopogon Lemon Grass

Impatiens Accent Burgundy

Impatiens Imara XDR Rose

Primula Princessa Mix

Vinca Pacifica XP Really red

Zinnia Elegans Zesty purple