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St. Amant High FFA

12035 Hwy 431, St. Amant, LA 70774

St. Amant FFA

Agricultural Education

2022 St. Amant FFA Plant & Tree Sale

First day of sale: March 26th from 8-2

Sale will continue until plants are gone!

At 12035 Hwy 431, St. Amant High Ag Department Greenhouse

(Accessible from Hwy 431 in new shell lot, follow signs to a parking spot)

Tree Sale:

Pre-Order trees until Feb 24th

Order Trees Here:


Pick up will be:

Week of March 14-18th 

*Email: Mandy Delaune at [email protected] for questions*

Vegetable plants available:


Lemon Grass

Lavender Munstead

Rosemary- Common


Basil- Rutgers Devotion

Parsley- Giant of Italy

Mint- Mojito

Oregano- Italian

Chives- Onion

Thyme- Vulgaris English




Tomato- Jet Star

Pepper- Sweet Banana

Tomato- Better Boy

Tomato- Brandywine Red

Pepper-Cayenne Long thin

Tomato- Juliet

Eggplant- Classic


lPepper- Jalapeno

Pepper- Magestic

Tomato- Beefmaster

Plant Sale: Varieties

March 26, 8-2

March 28-April 2, 8-2

Hanging Baskets

Wine and Cheese

Beach House

Country Girl

Showing Hearts

Easter Eggs

Pixie Stix

Sky Full of Stars

Sunshine & Storm


Pentas- Graffiti 2020 Mix

Zinnia Elegans- Magellan Mix

Viola- Frizzle Sizzle Mini Mix-G

Dianthus- Corona Mix- P

Dianthus- Super Parfait Raspberry

Petunia- Pretty grand mix

Verbena- Obsession Pink- G

Vinca- Titan Mix

Zinnia- Zahara Sunburst

Verbena- ObsessionCasc Twist Vlt

Marigold- Antigua Yellow

Petunia- Tritunia Star Mix

Celosia- Corcertina Mix

Impatiens- Super elfin xp mix clear

Verbena- obsession mix spirit

Vinca- CoraCascade Polka Dot

Coleus- Chocoalte covered cherry

Begonia- SenatorIQ Rose Bicolor

Celosia- Kimono Mix

Impatiens- AccentPrm Mix Pastel

Petunia Premium- Easy wave mix

Portulaca- Happy trails mix

Torenia- Kauai Deep Blue

Torenia- Kauai Mix

Zinnia Elegans- Queeny Lime Orange

Portulaca- Happy Hour Banana

Helianthus- Sunbuzz

Lantana Trailing Lavender

Bulls Eye Mix Geranium

Lantana New Gold

Ajuga Sugar Plum

Vinca Minor Bowles

ORDERING IS CLOSED - DO NOT Place your order for Fruit Trees

Owari Satsuma (3.5gal pot)
Washington Navel Orange (3.5 gal pot)
Clementine (3.5 gal pot)
Page Mandarin (3.5 gal pot)

Dancy Tangerine (3.5 gal pot)
Calamondin (3.5 gal pot)
Rio Red Grapefruit (3.5 gal pot)
Improved Meyer Lemons (3.5 gal pot)
Nagami Sour Kumquats (3.5 gal pot)
Persian Lime (3.5 gal pot)
Dwarf Owari Satsuma (3.5 gal pot)
Dwarf Key Lime (3.5 gal pot)
Dwarf Blood Orange (3.5 gal pot)
Anna Apple (3.5 gal pot **need 2)
Joey Avocado (Black) *10 gallon
U-La-La Avocado (Green) 3.5 gal pot
Flordaking Peach (3.5 gal pot)
La Feliciana Peach (3.5 gal pot)
Asian Pear (Eating) 3.5 gal pot
Santa Rosa Plum (3.5 gal pot)
Tanenashi Persimmon (Soft) 3.5 gal pot
Premier Blueberry (3.5 gal pot ***suggest pair of opposite varieties)
Navaho Thornless Blackberry (3.5 gal pot)
Cowart Muscadine (3.5 gal pot)
Barbados Cherry (3.5 gal pot)
Pomegranate Tree (3.5 gal pot)
Brown Select Satsuma (3.5 gal pot)
Seto Orange (3.5 gal pot)
Ponkin Mandarin (3.5 gal pot)
Orlando Tangelo (3.5 gal pot)
Blood Orange (3.5 gal pot)
Ruby Red Grapefruit (3.5 gal pot)
Chandler Pummello (3.5 gal pot)
Lisbon Lemon (3.5 gal pot)
Kaffir Lime (3.5 gal pot)
Key Lime* (*10 gallon)
Dwarf Imp Meyer Lemon (3.5 gal pot)
Dwarf Persian Lime (3.5 gal pot)
Golden Dorsett Apple (3.5 gal pot **need 2)
Granny Smith Apple (3.5 gal pot **need 2)
Lila Black Avocado (Black) *10 gallon
Celeste Fig (3.5 gal pot)
Flordagold Peach (3.5 gal pot)
Bartlett Pear (Canning) 3.5 gal pot
Methley Plum Tree (3.5 gal pot)
Fuyu Persimmon (Hard) 3.5 gal pot
Tifblue Blueberry (3.5 gal pot ***suggest pair of opposite varieties)
Arapaho Thornless Blackberry (3.5 gal pot)
Carlos Scruppernog Muscadine (bronze) 3.5 gal pot
Chinese Chestnut (3.5 gal pot)
Western Mayhaw (3.5 gal pot)
Arbequina Olive (3.5 gal pot)