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St. Amant High FFA

12035 Hwy 431, St. Amant, LA 70774

St. Amant FFA

Agricultural Education

2022 Fresh Strawberry Sale!

Tasty and sweet Florida Berries

(Due to weather we were unable to secure LA berries this year)

Order your Strawberries:

1) From an FFA member

2) email [email protected]

Pay for your berries: 

1) Cash

2) Check made to St. Amant FFA


To pay for berries ordered:

Pickup is tentatively scheduled for week of March 14th at St. Amant High Ag Department (rm 710) 

Follow on Facebook or Instagram for a specific pick-up time and day. 

*Delivery and pickup are subject to change based on weather.

Orders will be accepted until Feb 24th

1 flat of Strawberries - 8-quart clam shells - $25

1/2 flat of Strawberries - 4-quart clam shells - $15

Dipping Chocolate (dip 2 dozen berries) - $15

Certified Louisiana Grown Strawberries! 1 Flat - $25 1/2 Flat - $15

NO orders accepted past Feb 24th